All Star Marriage coaching

Marriage coaching is a synergistic relationship between a couple and an accredited marriage coach, designed to tap into the maximum potential of a marriage relationship.

Johnathan Hines, MA., CEO & Founder of All-Star Marriage

Growing up, Johnathan Hines experienced the joys of a simple life.  As a curious child with an affinity for the outdoors, he ran barefoot in nature, happiest when he felt the earth beneath his feet.  

Coaching for Men

Most men are independent natural leaders, and it can be emasculating to admit needing guidance in a marriage. Coaching takes the stigma out of “counseling” by providing a plan of action, working as a team alongside the individual. Rather than intimidating counseling sessions, our coaches will provide men with an environment that mimics a coach-athlete relationship.


Pre-Marriage counseling is an invaluable tool in preparing for a future marriage. Our expectation of marriage often clashes with reality, and we find ourselves ill prepared to dodge life’s curveballs. All-Star Pre-Marriage services allow couples to explore potential obstacles that may arise in their marriage and equip them with strategies to face those issues.