In marriage, you may struggle to feel loved. Around one in five American states that they are unhappy in their marriage. This information is from a poll conducted by Eharmony. That does not mean that it is time to break things off. A successful marriage takes a lot of time and work. There are ways to turn a marriage around to be happy once again. This is going to take time but to have a happy marriage it is well worth it.

1. Welcome Growth & Learning

For the marriage to work welcome growth and learning. It is important to keep on learning. If you are both willing to put in the time and learn from any mistakes that you have made and face any challenges together you will be happy as a couple. You need to learn about each other and you need to learn more about yourself and your emotions.

2. Take Care Of Yourself

Each partner needs to take care of themselves. You cannot give to another person if you are not mentally healthy. This is very important for women. If you run yourself ragged you will not be happy or be able to make anyone else happy. Self-care is not selfish. It is an important part of a good marriage. You need to care for yourself so you can care for another person.

3. No Marriage is Perfect

You should not expect perfection. No one is perfect including yourself. Everyone is going to make mistakes including those in a relationship. Perfection can ruin a good marriage. If you want to be happy in your marriage you need to be nice to yourself and your partner.

4. Say Nice Things

Before going to bed for the night say some appreciations. Before going to sleep tell your partner something you appreciate about them and they should do the same. Try to tell them at least three things. It can be something that they did during the day or a quality that you like about them. Focus on what you love about them. Showing appreciation often will lead to a stronger marriage

5. Respected Each Other

There is something simple to remember. Men want to be respected. Women want to be cherished. A woman needs to be kind to her husband. If she treats him with respect she will cherish him. A man needs to cherish his woman and in return, she will respect him. This goes both ways and both people will be happy.

6. Learn Forgiveness

Forgiveness is very important. You need to be able to forgive your partner and be able to forgive yourself. There were interviews done with couples that have been married 50 years or more. One of the biggest secrets to staying together and happy was their ability to forgive. You need to learn how to forgive the other person and how to forgive yourself.

7. Don’t Say The D****** Word

Do not threaten the other person with a divorce. This is one of the worst things to do in any relationship. Do not throw around the word divorce even when angry. The marriage is too important and has taken too much time to be willing to give up on it during an argument. This word makes your partner feel like you have given up and do not want to solve any problems. A spouse can have a short temper and may say this word. There are some tips on how to move past this.

 8. It Takes Time Go Slow

Practice simmer and do not forget about the other part known as delivery. You want to have your relationship on a simmer and allow it to reach a boil. This does not have anything to do with cooking if you continue to flirt with your partner to keep things interesting and keep things happy. You can try sending some sexy text during the day. As the man walks by give him a tap on the butt. When the woman walks by stopping her and gives her a long and passionate kiss. This will allow the simmer to go on its own so it reaches a boil. This should happen regularly. This will allow the relationship to become fun once again. Having sex regularly is also an important part of a happy marriage and is more than just physical pleasure.

9. Be Vulnerable

According to relationship experts say couples should allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner and allow them to do the same. It is said what makes you vulnerable will also make you beautiful. There is a good habit to get into for a happier marriage. You need to open up your heart and allow others to reach the soft places that you keep inside. This will create a sense of intimacy and will allow you to form a solid connection. You need to be willing to share what is deep inside of you even if it scares you to be open. This will help you create a lasting bond with your partner. This bond will not be broken. Ladies need to keep in mind that when a man is opening up and showing his inner thoughts it may look different. That is fine.

10. Marry The Person 

The best tip to a happy marriage is to marry the right person. It is important to get to know the person before you get married. After 14 years of working as a relationship coach personal growth will take a lot of time and it will take a lot of energy. You need to take care of yourself and get to know yourself before you marry someone and expect them to return your feelings. You will have a better chance of meeting a good person and making it last if you have learned how to be a good person. You need to have your own beliefs and you need to learn how to behave in any circumstance. Your past relationships and experiences do not have to ruin your future. If you take care of yourself and get to know yourself you can find someone that you can be happy with.

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