Marriage today really is based on two perspectives: the world’s perspective and God’s perspective. In the day and age we live in, where it seems that fewer and fewer individuals have a relationship with God through Christ, marriage has become nothing more than a mere romantic fantasy. Couples live together for years before even considering a commitment, and many never take the ultimate step that means “I promise”. As we observe marriage from this perspective, we see that the couples that actually take that step forward go into believing it is based on that feeling of butterflies and forever that they feel then and there; it is then just instant gratification, and when the butterflies flutter away, so does the marriage. As a result of the faulty thinking that people have about what marriage really is they may even be led to a secular marriage counselor who concludes that the couple is probably right; separation and divorce are the answer.

So, they begin the ball rolling. Before anyone knows what has really happened, families are destroyed. Children are left in broken homes, shuffled around with backpacks of self-blame. What remains is simply an open, bleeding wound on the soul of everyone that is a part of that unit, whether they wanted it or not.

 God designed marriage to be a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His own bride, the Church, and of His personal relationship with us. The Lord hold marriage up as a thing of holiness, to be respected, loved, and kept sacred, and at the heart of marriage must be love.

Now we are not talking about love “the mushy feeling”. We are talking about love, the verb. Love, the verb, is a sacrifice made by the will of an individual. In marriage, this sacrifice is intended to be made intentionally by both parties who made the covenant of marriage; the two who made the commitment. If you are in a place in your marriage where you realize your eye is wandering to others, or you are considering that you perhaps made a mistake when you wed, or maybe you think it simply wasn’t meant to be because “the feeling is gone”, then you need to find Christian Marriage Coach.

Christian marriage coaching for your marriage will give you the proper understanding of marriage and its purpose and design. You will come to understand why your emotions may cease to be as strong as the years pass, and why this is a test of your “for better and for worse” times. A Christian marriage coach will have the training and capacity to make you aware that thoughts of straying, leaving, or divorcing are simply acts of self-will that are for our own selfish fulfillment.

You will come to understand why the Bible strongly declares “For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel.” (Mal. 2:16 NASB). Our Creator teaches the power of the spoken word, and as we are made in His image, our commitments must reflect our representation of Him as His children.

The topic of marriage and the problems between a husband and wife should be discussed within the safe confines of a Christian Marriage Coaching service, with a certified marriage coach who is not only a born-again Christian, but is educated in the Biblical truths of marriage, what it is, and why it is important to live out promises we make to each other as man and wife.

Remember, the wedding and the “I do” made your spirits into one. Seek help as one.

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