For couples who have decided to make a life together, sharing a common religious faith is an important part of starting a home. When both husband and wife share a commitment to Christ, it is much more likely that the marriage will last the test of time. 

Even in Christian homes, though, young couples often begin marriage with some misconceptions about what life together will be like. Coming from homes in which divorce has taken place or in which their parents have had dysfunctional marriages can create habits in people that make marriage difficult for them.

This is why Christian marriage coaching is so helpful for couples. People tend to follow the example that their parents set for them, one way or another, and Christian marriage coaching can give both the new husband and wife some additional perspective on marriage so that they start out their new relationship on the right footing.

Two of the most common sources of arguments for all married couples revolve around intimacy and finances, and both of these problem areas are rooted in communication in the home. When couples do not communicate about finances and one person ends up making a poor decision without communicating with the other partner, an argument can ensue. When frustration builds in a marriage, the bonds of intimacy are threatened, leading to further frustration. 

All-Star Marriage coaches helps couples take a longer perspective on their marriage. The image of Christ taking the church as His bride in a relationship to last for all eternity is a powerful one, because it involves taking on all of the bumps and bruises that come with a relationship with an imperfect person and loving them enough to stand by them faithfully. The exercises in Christian marriage coaches help couples learn to pray and worship together, as well as to put each other first when it comes to communication. These two principles will serve the new couple well as they start life together.

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