You have been together for years, and you both have a personal relationship with Christ. The problem is the fact that in the last 6-8 months your marriage has been falling apart and neither of you know why. You have spoken of it quite extensively together and have tried different ideas that you picked up in a magazine or online. Nothing seemed to work. You spoke with your pastor together for a few weeks, but he simply felt that the services of a Christian Marriage Coach that would do All-Star Marriage would be your best choice.

When you and your spouse sit together to decide upon a Christian marriage coach, you need to be sure they are certified in all aspects of marital issues, but it is vital that the text book they use most often is the Word of God. A marriage coach with a firm foundation in Christ, as well as a close personal relationship with Him, will be able to teach you the truths behind God’s design for marriage, its purpose, and what the words “commitment” and “covenant” really mean to God, and therefore what they should mean to us.

Christian marriage coaching will teach you why it is not acceptable to break a covenant, and what the consequences are of such an act. Consequences suffered not only by yourselves, but by children and loved ones. The coach will have the proper Christian background to open up the Bible with you and dig for answers, all the while having the wisdom and knowledge to know that God himself wants you both to make the necessary decisions and sacrifices it takes to have a happy marriage that is blessed by God.

Marriage is a difficult thing, and making one succeed is not for the faint of heart. But marriage was created by design, for your good, the good of your spouse, your family, your children, your life. It is made to teach you to be the person God wants you to be, and you are expected to take your responsibility. Take action today and let the Lord lead you to a All-Star Marriage service that is rooted and grounded in Christ. You and your spouse will be glad you did.

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