The significance of your marriage condition to the quality of your life and that of your offspring is beyond debate. The fact that we advocate for marriage coaching does not imply that it should be the active ingredient to a healthy marriage. Marriage Coaching ought to be the last option, when matters are beyond you as a couple. Consequently, we have compiled ways you can inculcate in your marriage to make it fun and romantic. We hope that this will go a long way toward enhancing your marriage experience.

We have included several non-affiliate links that we individually selected, to make these thoughts resonate with you. The content in the links will also make life inspiring and happy. Writing this has been fun for us, and we do hope you will find it engaging.

Go jogging together

Jogging is a perfect way to keep your heart healthy and mind vibrant. The best thing about running is that there are many exciting ways to do it. You can decide to join a team of other enthusiasts and jog collectively. You could also take advantage of the exercise to fundraise for charitable organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They raise funds for philanthropy and then get to run in some of the phenomenal places on the earth such as Disney World, where they do Disney’s Wine and Dine half marathon. Here is a list of race for charity.

Enjoy painting together

In case your budget is in straits, get some paints, canvas, and brushes at the store. You can then put the children to sleep then paint together as you sip on your favorite drink. Still, while at home, you can strip off if you have the energy to make it more fun and playful and do the paint unclothed. Furthermore, you can engage Pinot’s Palette on a day of your choosing and get to see the paintings and paint together with vitality as you sup at the sparkling wine.

Go biking together

You do not have to pay through your nose to get a bike. Grab a second-hand bike from the Facebook marketplace or go downtown Tulsa and rent one.  and cycle to a magnificent places in Tulsa. You can decide to either take your children with you or (not). Enjoy the scenic places, parks, and trail like Turkey Mountain. This can become part of your physical regime.

Shoot guns together

This could be one of the best ways to chill out but a bit of caution; do it when you are sober and collected. Shooting together is exciting. If you still doubt your shooting skills then you can enroll for lessons HERE. Scientific researches show that having fun activities together, as a couple, is a sure way of cementing the love bond. Precisely, endorphin hormones secreted as couples are having good times improves health and ultimately lengthens life. Couples sex drive is also one of the benefits of such activities. Couples can savor hunting too, and Oklahoma hunting license can be accessed HERE.

Play Racquetball together

Racquetball can be played as one versus one, two against two, or two competing against one. The idea that racquetball is fun to play is an understatement. The game is complete fun and an excellent way to let go of the steam.

Have a game night together

Game nights provide a good platform for couples to bond and socialize with friends as a community which is paramount to sound relationships. You can find a decent site for planning couples game night HERE.

Throw a dinner party together

Work together in planning for a meal, prepare it together and eat together. According to your preferences, you can either make a simple meal or a complex one. You can always throw in a piece of fancy music.

Just in case you are unable to decide what to cook, then see the food network article on 50 foolproof but awesome main dish ideas. You can do a potluck too.

Dance Together

Shaking a leg can be shaped to suit your taste. Get hold of your partner, throw caution to the wind and dance like a star. The personal shyness should not come between you and the dance.  If you lack this kind of impulse then join a class. Tulsa has one amazing dancehall ballroom that I find thrilling. Allstar Ballroom is lovely, conducive, accommodating and has lively teachers. Besides, weekly open dance parties are held and they offer a nice environment for practice. That is why it is my favorite place.

Rent a car and do a road trip together

It makes economic sense to rent a car for one day or several days’ events than buying it. Get a convertible, floor the gas pedal, and vanish from the horizon. Let the wind scour through your hair as you nibble on your favorite snack.

Rent a cabin in the woods

This one triggers my adrenaline rush! It is absolutely ecstatic to rise in the morning and smell the fresh cedar or pine scent, as the wind sweeps through your hair while you drink coffee on a wrap-around porch. The view of the rising sun over Arkansas or Dakota hills, as you snuggle up in your Native American print blanket is a fantastic sight to behold. One can enjoy themselves with pancakes and eggs as they engage in chatter on excursion, bird or deer watching. Horse riding can be done during the day, and the hot tab can feel heavenly in the afternoon hours. An evening can be spent watching stars as they flash in the deep, dark sky, and as you listen to the chirping of crickets and the grunts of a deer. Some of the cabins in Arkansas can be found HERE. I crave and dream for a retreat in South Dakota.

Watch a movie

If you happen to have a liking for movies, and for that matter series like Star Wars or the Marvel series, then grab some popcorn and have a marathon before the next one shows up on the big screen. You can plan for a date night to catch up with the new releases. And in the event you are not a movie person then you can consider the Top 50 tv series for couples.

Do a picnic

No doubt a picnic is a vital romantic gesture. The site for a picnic should not be a bother. You can do it on a rooftop. Have a look at these amazing rooftop options. Some of the spots may not look suitable for picnics; however, they are still exciting spots for eating. State Parks could be another option for you. This one can offer inspiration for foods to carry on a picnic.

Movies in the backyard

Place a white sheet in the backyard and enjoy your favorite movies as the moon smiles at you. See this link on how to put up your backyard movie theatre and for those of you who could require more detail to see this article.

Camp out on the Kids Trampoline

I would love to try this one. But I bet my back may not allow me. For those who are not inclined to outside activities, but still want to let go of inhibitions, then this is your perfect bet. You can even involve your children and have a picnic on the trampoline.

Bring Flowers home randomly

An expected gift is a strong language of love. Your sweetheart might have shown disinterest in flowers sometimes back. But that does not imply that things are still the same. Children and stress have a way of altering one’s mind. Come home with flowers whether wild or not but be cautious of allergies. You can also deliver the flowers through mails here, besides you can subscribe to a service Here a link  send flowers.

Make their favorite dish

This is an indisputable romantic gesture as it appeals to the caring spirit in you. Make a delicious dish or dessert for your loved one, and thereafter clean up. It is very nice when it is a break from the usual humdrum. If you do not know what to make then SEE these captivating ideas on best aphrodisiac foods for releasing romantic hormones to feel good.

Swap duties

Duties performed in the house can be swapped for a week. This will open your eyes to the realities of your spouse’s responsibilities. For example, if mom is the one who takes the baby to the bed, then dad can try it for one or two days. If dad is the one who cleanses the toilet, then he could just continue doing it…just kidding. It could be something completely interesting to you.

Scrapbook or Look at Pictures together

Cherishing the moments of bygone days can be a reminder to blissful times. Find five ideas here for making a scrapbook for a relationship with your spouse. Get your wedding album or video and relish the good old days. Giggle and make fun of the photos. Narrate to your children the events of the wedding day, your feelings of delight and satisfaction. Remind yourself and your spouse how it felt like being with them the day of the wedding.

Go fishing together

This is my favorite too! It takes me down memory lane to childhood, where my grandmother lived. She would pop into the kitchen early in the morning with her catch and go ahead to fry them for breakfast. Fishing is very relaxing and a nice way to enjoy the outdoors.

Go hiking together

Walking in tandem, in the same direction, as the sweetness of small talk flows, is quite something. Hiking provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy each other and the outside environment. You can find HERE some of the exceptional places in North America to go for hiking, and here are Oklahoma hiking sites. Getting to some of the Oklahoma sites would require a drive, but I can promise you it is a well-deserving treat.

Do some Gardening Together

You can join your sweetheart in planting something. It can be so fun to plant a pumpkin in July and August and harvest it in October and November. How lovely can it be to enjoy vegetables and fruits you have planted!

Your home can look comelier by planting flowers together. This will help you avoid the costs of purchasing flowers. If you are still unsure of how gardening can strengthen your relationship then check out their beautiful couple’s story about how they do gardening together. Check here for more insights on gardening.

Renew your vows

These exciting dates and romantic ventures can be a precursor to the renewal of your marriage vows. In case you are not sure about the next step in your relationship, and probably you think of quitting on your marriage, then you can consult us for Couples Coaching. We will be there for you.

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