Many people suffer from a strong fear of failure. It may be because they have failed at one point and how other people reacted hurt them deeply. It could have been how they reacted to that situation, making them put up a wall in their lives and now they’re trapped behind that wall with their fear of failure. What you need to know is that fear is a part of life, and failing once, twice or thrice doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Don’t expect everything to go perfectly all the time; you’re going to fail sometimes. Accept it and take lessons from it.

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Fear of Failure

 Having a fear of failure is dangerous due to several reasons. One reason is that it paralyzes you into inaction. For instance, you may be thinking of quitting your low-paying job and starting a business. In your mind, you have come up with strategic plans for the business and you know that with a little hard work, it will give you a better income. But still, you can’t quit your job and start that business. Why? You’re afraid that your business may fail and you’ll have lost your job. Therefore, you stick to your job. That can paralyze your life, and you won’t achieve better things in life. You would have excelled in your business venture, but the fear of failure stopped you from achieving it.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is not only in careers and businesses; it’s also in other areas of our lives. You may be scared of talking to the person you love or pursuing a certain sport. What you need to know is that unless you have failed, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. Failure teaches you more than success.

• Always have a positive mental attitude

• Don’t take it to personal – you’re not a failure
• What others think of you is none of your business – don’t draw self-worth by how others think of you
• Ask yourself why you’re doing it
• Take baby steps all the way

Should you fear failure? No! If you’re afraid, you won’t achieve anything. Take the plunge, learn from your mistakes and failures, do the necessary corrections, keep moving forward, and you’ll be successful in what you do.

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