As long as there have been marriages, there have been difficulties between husbands and wives. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with either of the people involved; this is what happens when two imperfect people come together to build a life. The good news is that the Christian principles that   Marriage Coach puts to use when guiding couples provides a powerful set of solutions for husbands and wives to use throughout the years.

Christian marriage coaching involves the couple envisioning a triangle containing the two of them and God. The closer the two of them get to each other, the closer they also get to God; and the close each gets to God, the closer they get to one another. Stories such as the Old Testament prophet Hosea’s marriage to Gomer, the prostitute, serve as a picture of the love that God has for His people. God refuses to give up on any of His children. While Christian marriage Coaching does not encourage anyone to stay in an abusive situation, it does take a more long-term view of relationships.

The implication of this perspective is that Christian marriage coaches realize that there will be times when husbands and wives are unhappy in their relationships. Part of this comes from frustrations in the workplace or other areas of life, or from stress with other family members, and part of it comes from the fact that the self sometimes rears its ugly head, making individuals put their own interests ahead of those of the family. Christian marriage coaching centers on reminding both spouses of the importance of a healthy sense of self and of sacrifice.

All-Star Marriage Coaches  stands ready to help couples who are engaged and wanting to start their relationships off on the right foot, as well as couples who have been married for some time now but need some help establishing patterns of communication that are healthier than the ones they are using presently. Give one of our certified marriage coaches a call today (918) 289-2033 to discuss the best way that we can help you and your spouse!

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