All couples experience emotional and sexual problems during their marriage that drive them apart. Luckily, when you experience lack of passion, you can come up with interesting ideas to ensure the marriage does not fall deeper into the rut. Here ten expert tips to bring back the passion in your marriage.

Improve on physical affection

Physical affection such as kissing, holding hands, and hugging, this increases oxytocin levels, which in turn brings forth a calming effect. Studies indicate that Oxytocin is also released when you experience an orgasm. Physical affection helps to reduce stress levels by decreasing the amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Spend quality time together

This may sound obvious, but it is one of the best ways to bring back the passion in your marriage. Engage in activities that both of you love. It can be anything from a dance class, a trip, or even a shared hobby. Always remember that any positive activity you engage in is an integral part of foreplay.

Schedule intimacy time from routine

It is also essential to set aside some quality time and schedule for intimacy with your partner so you can keep the passion alive. Avoid talking about the problems you have or any other aspects of your daily life during this scheduled time, as it may bring distractions and stress. This dramatically reduces sexual arousal.
Prioritize sex

Lack of sex can make your marriage suffer. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you make it a priority so that you reignite the passion in your marriage. Try doing something special to set the right mood for sex. For instance, instead of having sex before watching TV or work, you can have a light meal together, put your best music, and have some candlelight to get you in the mood.

Concentrate on affectionate touch

Touching your partner is a healthy way of showing them just how much you love them. Try rubbing your spouse on their shoulder or back as they watch TV or when they are next to you. Touching each other intimately will surely rekindle the passion in your marriage.

Build up tension

Our brains experience more pleasure after an extended period of anticipating a reward before we receive the compensation. That said, take time to discuss your fantasies, try various locations, and experience more sex more pleasurable.

Make sexual intimacy a mystery

Do not be shy about trying out something new to make sex more pleasurable. For instance, you could try having different sexual positions. Make sex an opportunity to explore each other over time.
Become more vulnerable emotionally when having sex

You may not realize it, but talking to your partner about your deepest fantasies, wishes, and desires can considerably bring back the passion in your relationship. If you are not good at emotional intimacy, you could try a couple or individual therapy to help improve on the same.

Examine your relating pattern

These incorporate ways through which you may come out too strong sexually, or you may be denying your spouse. Try as much as possible not to criticize your partner and avoid blaming each other. You are entirely responsible for making yourselves happy.

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