About Us

Johnathan Hines, MA., CEO & Founder of All-Star Marriage

Growing up, Johnathan Hines experienced the joys of a simple life.  As a curious child with an affinity for the outdoors, he ran barefoot in nature, happiest when he felt the earth beneath his feet.  Johnathan’s major influence was the countryside, the greatest place to learn how to keep relationships simple and not complex.  However, he also had exemplary role models who embodied a spiritual connection with God and each other. His parents instilled in him the true meaning of marriage and taught him how to navigate the hardships of life as one. 
Years later, he became a youth advocate where he fine-tuned his abilities to see the potential in everyone. In 2007, Johnathan launched his own business and quickly made his mark. Now, he applies the lessons gleaned from nature and his parents to his practice, encouraging couples to get back to the basics and put God first in their marriage.

Bachelor’s of Divinity | Master’s of Christian Counseling
Certifications, Additional Training & Awards
Certified Professional Coach | Presented the Good Samaritan Award by former Governor Frank Keating, February 2001 | Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor | Certified Temperament Counselor | Licensed in to the Gospel Ministry
Professional Activities and Memberships
Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching International Association of Coaching (IAC) | Member Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling | Member of American Association of Christian Counseling | Member of National Christian Counselors Association