“Codepency” has become a normal term in our culture’s vocabulary. We use it to reference addictions and relationships, sometimes too flippantly. When true codependency occurs, it can be especially dangerous, causing one to lose himself or herself, becoming vulnerable to real threats and even death.  When it comes to relationships, codependency can strip away one’s […]

Four Phrases Your Wife Wants to Hear

“Thank you.” “Thanks for cleaning the house, babe.” My husband’s words of gratitude are music to my ears. After spending several hours juggling cleaning and taking care of a two-year-old, I’m exhausted, ready to crash on the couch and just rest and appreciate all my hard work. I don’t expect a thank you at all, […]

3 Key Things to Do to Avoid Divorce

Divorce. For many Americans, it’s a common word. Everyone knows someone who is either divorced or has parents who are divorced. Despite the frequency of divorces that take place in our culture, we are caught off guard when we hear long-term marriages fall prey to the big “D.” Melinda and Bill Gates are a high-profile […]

What to look for in a failing marriage

What to look for in a failing marriage  Love and vows are the glue that holds a couple together. But certain individual differences will always create cracks even, within the strongest bonds between married people who love each other. Differences in opinion, for instance, can create a dispute that may break a marriage. And if […]

Is the Marriage Centered around the Children?

Every couple struggles to balance marriage and family, and though you might have enjoyed a romantic relationship in the beginning of your marriage, things definitely change after the birth of your first child. As you get older and have a tougher schedule, it will be challenging to keep the spark in your love life while […]

My spouse spends more money than we have

Money issues are one of the biggest stressors in a relationship and one of the top three contributors of divorce. If you know someone who mismanages their finances, then this might not be a surprise. However, having a spouse who’s addicted to shopping or spends more money than you make can be frustrating. But, like […]

How Firefighters’ Stress Can Lead to Marriage Issues

Firefighting is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding and dangerous occupations. These stressors typically find their way into firefighters’ marriage, causing strife and disconnection. Workplace stress can result in changes in mood, body, mind, and behavior, and though the body is made to handle stress, it cannot handle chronic stress.  While some […]

How Medical Doctors face marriage issues

Studies show that over 80% of doctors are married. Most of these doctors are married to fellow doctors while the rest have married from other professions. Either way, doctors too have challenges in marriage. In fact, doctors stand a higher chance of having marriage issues because of the nature of their profession. To every problem […]

I think my husband is cheating on me, NOW WHAT?

Infidelity isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with. But, when you begin doubting your partner’s faithfulness, then you have to be prepared to face it and cope with the consequences. Often, many women blame themselves when this happens and easily accept the lies from their husbands. However, if you’re already thinking that he is […]

How to help a man who works too much

A home is a place of relaxation, a place to unwind after a tough workday, but what should you do when your husband brings work home with him? A partner can bow to society’s pressure and fail to carve some time to nurture their marriages. Overtime, this becomes so normal, that spouses become desensitized to […]