How Being a Pro Basketball Player can Affect your Marriage

Relationships have many benefits in our lives: they contribute to life satisfaction, well-being, and even help us relieve stress. However, marriages are laden with challenges, and these challenges are more common when dating a professional basketball player. The issues from this sport can make a couple stay stronger or break their bond. But in most […]

Communication skills every couple should develop

Do you ever feel as though your partner doesn’t seem to understand you anymore? Or does it ever feel like both of you are on different wavelengths? You may have made it perfectly clear how you feel, but the problem is with your partner who does not seem to understand matters from your point of […]

Communication, throw the pass

So, you’ve thrown the pass, and now you’re waiting with bated breath to see if someone catches it. You’ve done the hard part and have chosen to forgive your spouse, abandon the resentment you carry towards him/her, and move on. But there’s still one problem: is your spouse on the same page? Is your receiver […]