What to look for in a failing marriage

What to look for in a failing marriage  Love and vows are the glue that holds a couple together. But certain individual differences will always create cracks even, within the strongest bonds between married people who love each other. Differences in opinion, for instance, can create a dispute that may break a marriage. And if […]

Is the Marriage Centered around the Children?

Every couple struggles to balance marriage and family, and though you might have enjoyed a romantic relationship in the beginning of your marriage, things definitely change after the birth of your first child. As you get older and have a tougher schedule, it will be challenging to keep the spark in your love life while […]

How to help a man who works too much

A home is a place of relaxation, a place to unwind after a tough workday, but what should you do when your husband brings work home with him? A partner can bow to society’s pressure and fail to carve some time to nurture their marriages. Overtime, this becomes so normal, that spouses become desensitized to […]

How Being a Pro Basketball Player can Affect your Marriage

Relationships have many benefits in our lives: they contribute to life satisfaction, well-being, and even help us relieve stress. However, marriages are laden with challenges, and these challenges are more common when dating a professional basketball player. The issues from this sport can make a couple stay stronger or break their bond. But in most […]

Does having too much money cause fights in marriages?

There is a reason finances are the number one cause of divorce. Struggling financially can put a lot of strain on a marriage and not having a sound plan for money can cause serious conflicts. Lots of couples think if they only had more money, their problems would disappear. However, this is not true. Having […]

Can Your Marriage Survive Infidelity?

One of the roadblocks and challenges many marriages face is infidelity. It is a vice that has wrecked marriages and instigated divorce proceedings, child custody battles, and alimony disputes. Some couples manage to overcome this betrayal and once again become one, but is life the same after infidelity? People exhibit different attitudes and reactions when […]

How To Get Unstuck From Life

How to get unstuck? We all get stuck in life sometimes. It’s like something in our brain’s engine has broken and it’s preventing us from moving forward. We feel the symptoms, cannot think clearly, we can’t make decisions and even we’re not motivated. We wrestle with challenges, understanding concepts or we’re unable to take actions. […]

Marriage Relationship Help, Coaching Work!

Marriage help is vital, primarily through coaching. With the right Coach and Coaching, couples can attain emotional closeness, which enables them to rebuild a relationship. If done the right way, Coaching restores love feelings to be enjoyable, safe, and positive. At All-Star Marriage, this is our primary focus. Our services are available through online platforms […]

Should You Fear Failure? Several Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Many people suffer from a strong fear of failure. It may be because they have failed at one point and how other people reacted hurt them deeply. It could have been how they reacted to that situation, making them put up a wall in their lives and now they’re trapped behind that wall with their […]

Communications for Marriaged Couples

Have you ever witnessed a basketball coach frantically call a timeout, in sheer frustration, right in the middle of an intense play on defense? This is because communication is an essential component of relationships, both on and off the court. If teammates aren’t on the same page and fail to clearly communicate with one another, […]