We understand life throws you a curve ball with time and you can’t make your session. I ask that you notify us  24 hours before your scheduled appointment time to cancel or reschedule. Please note, if you do not call  or text our office to cancel your appointment with 24hours notice, you will maybe charged at the cost of that session or lose a session from your package.

Yes. You need to fill some forms. After you pay for a package you will get a text with those forms.

We accepts business checks,  credit card payment with VISA and Mastercard.  We also are able to process HSA and Flex Spending cards.

Yes.  All client and coaches are private and confidential.  It is also confidential information that a person is meeting with a coach.  Only in rare exceptions when the release of confidential information. That is the duty-to-warn act safety of a client or other is at risk can disclosure of confidential information take place.

If for whatever reason, couples coaching is stopped and one of you wants to continue individual work with us, we can see you individually, provided that both partners are aware of this arrangement. If in the future, both partners want to resume couples counseling, we’ll need to refer you to a different couples therapist for reasons mentioned above. In some cases, we might determine it’s in your best interest to do individual work with a different provider all together.

Most insurance plans do not cover couples counseling. We do not bill insurance. However, it’s best that you contact your insurance company directly to learn about your mental health/behavioral health benefits. 

You can attend relationship coaching on your own or with the other party concerned, Some clients will start coaching sessions on their own and bring the other person along mid-way through the program. You can do that too.

If you’ve received marriage counseling in the past, you may have gone through your insurance network to do it.  Which means your insurance company considered this intervention medically necessary on the basis of your therapist’s diagnosis of illness or pathology (via ICD or CPT codes) and that your treatment history is now part of your permanent medical record.

One reason many couples prefer coaching vs. counseling is that their work with us is confidential and doesn’t become part of their permanent medical record and will never adversely impact their health coverage, life insurance, or employment.

With coaching, you are 100% in control. You select WHO you work with, WHAT you focus on, and HOW LONG you receive support without worrying about co-pays, deductibles, networks, or restrictions.

Virtual Coaching means you and your Coach will meet by phone (or in some cases, Zoom or Skype) for your coaching sessions.  You can get coached from anywhere!  It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling or if you only have an hour to spare, you can still benefit from virtual coaching.  No fancy technology needed. Call your Coach at the designated time and you’re on your way!

The length and frequency of coaching differs widely depending on your situation, objectives, availability, and commitment. Many of our couples only need 6 to 12 sessions to make substantial progress, and some completely reach their goals in that short time.


However, just like your marriage, this is not a race. It’s a commitment to working toward a partnership characterized by love, mutual support, and happiness as a couple, whatever that takes. When you both have your eyes on that ultimate goal, you’ll get there much faster than you think.